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Key editorial process steps

ijier editorial process


The pre-check is the initial gate, which many submissions will not pass through.

  • Have you received any and all additional information requested to accompany submissions?
  • Is the manuscript compliant with the publication’s guidelines for authors?
  • Has the submission been formatted in line with publication requirements?
  • Does the submission meet selection standards?

Initial screening

The initial screening is the second gate, which can also knock many submissions out of the running.

  • Does the submission fall within the publication’s scope?
  • Will the submission be of interest to the publication’s readership?
  • Can the manuscript exceed a minimum acceptable standard of quality for review?
  • Is the authorship of the submission verifiable?
  • Are there any plagiarism concerns?

Peer review

Peer review is more common for academic journals than for other published media, though many publications utilize some form of group review near the beginning of the submission process.

  • Two to six peer reviewers will typically be asked to review each submission.
  • Best practices recommend removing all identifying information about the author from submissions.
  • Reviewers should be experts on the subject matter they are reviewing.


In academic settings, the submission may be kicked back to the author for revision before submission to the editor.

  • The submission may or may not be required to go back through peer review.
  • Typically, two rounds of revisions are the maximum requested before acceptance or rejection.

Editor decision

There may be one editor who has the final decision or an editorial board that makes a collective decision.

  • The manuscript will be checked to ensure all revision requests have been met.
  • The material will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the standard for publication.
  • The content will be checked a final time for any potential plagiarism.

Author notification

Editor(s) can reach out to submitting authors to include them in the editorial process.

  • Authors are notified and involved in one round of edits.

Production, proofreading, and publication

At the end of the editorial process, production takes over. This process will manage

  • Layout editing
  • Language editing
  • Indexing
  • Formatting

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