An Empirical study of the Forms of Exercising Censorship in the Daily Sudanese Political Newspapers

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Haliema Mohammed Suleiman


Forms of exercising censorship in the daily Sudanese political newspapers. An empirical study, from Jan 2017 to Jun 2017. The main objective to this study was identified forms of exercising censorship in the daily Sudanese political newspapers that may limit the freedom in the vocational work of Sudanese journalists in the political news sections. The descriptive method is used to describe the situation and analyze the results. Observation and questionnaire were used as tools of this study. 340 samples were chosen from journalists working in the Sudanese newspaper institutions, representing intended sample from field study community. The results were: censorship is applied in the Sudan’s newspapers; self-censorship topped the forms of censorship, the importance of censorship exercised by the editor-in- chief, and the journalists participating in the questionnaire stated that the importance of censorship is for refrain them from committing breaches.


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Suleiman, H. M. (2017). An Empirical study of the Forms of Exercising Censorship in the Daily Sudanese Political Newspapers. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 5(10), 65-84. Retrieved from


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