Visual Strategies Learning Objects to Teach Written Text Cohesion to the Deaf Using Sign Language as Scaffo

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Cayley Guimarães
Matheus Moreira de Aquino
Sueli de Fátima Fernandes


Language is a special activity, and it’s through/via/with language that we develop intelligence, knowledge, and culture. Language is what makes us human beings. Language and its meanings allow for interactions among members of the society to partake in the same culture. People are more than legal citizens: the sense of belonging creates identity, in a process mediated by language. Deaf people have little to no access to the oral language; thus, they have difficulties to share in the national literature, media, popular culture, traditions, myths, folklore, among others. In order to build this identity, the Deaf[1] need to learn the written modality of the Oral language from the culture in which they are immersed. Unfortunately, very few research and resources are dedicated to such task. This research proposes a Learning Object that uses Sign Language (the natural language of the Deaf) to teach text cohesion.


[1] This research uses the convention from Deaf Studies, and use the word Deaf (capital D) to refer to members of the Deaf community.


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