Innovation in Teaching Work: A Study of School Thomas Deacon Academy

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Oswaldo Pelaes Filho


This paper proposes a study of related innovation strategies and teaching methods, in principle, based on the conception of creativity and then focusing, as elucidator aspect of the proposed analysis, a case study of the English school Thomas Deacon Academy. This institution of the Basic Education presents innovative processes in education, related to its teaching methods and its architectural infrastructure, and other aspects of similar relevance to this study, giving teachers and students a different educational environment. The present study aims to investigate the components of the pedagogical work organization context that act as facilitators or as inhibitors of innovation processes in education related to teaching methods based on active teaching methods. The methodology used for this study was the literature and the case study. Bibliographical sources are based on the scientific analysis of books and articles and the case study of institution Thomas Deacon Academy, was based on research developed by digital sources.


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PELAES, M. L. W., & Filho, O. P. (2016). Innovation in Teaching Work: A Study of School Thomas Deacon Academy. International Journal of Innovation Education and Research, 4(11), 19-30. Retrieved from
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  1. Doutoranda em Educação, Arte e História da Cultura pela Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Pedagoga, Mestre em Educação pela USF e Licenciada em Artes pela FAAP. Docente e Coordenadora de cursos de graduação e pós-graduação. Atua no ensino há 22 anos. 
  2. Atualmente é pesquisadora pela CAPES- Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal do Ensino Superior- junto ao Mackenzie. Desenhista Gráfica e Artista Plástica. E-mail:


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