Construction of a low-cost mobile embedded system for computer numerical control and educational purpose

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Josué Batista Mota
Gilmar de Pontes Barros Bezerra
Jardeson de Araújo Arlindo
Vinícius Ferreira da Silva
Francisco Laurindo Costa Junior
Diêgo Lima Carvalho Gonçalves
Sandro César Silveira Jucá


This article describes the construction of a low-cost, mobile, CNC (Computerized Numerical Command) mini machine, bringing as its objective the gain of experience in relation to machining knowledge, where the device executes a list of movements written in the programming language G. For the development of the project, the Arduino Nano embedded system, two CD / DVD players and two H bridges (L293D) were used. Afterward, the assembly, programming and results of the project in question are described.


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Batista Mota, J., de Pontes Barros Bezerra, G., de Araújo Arlindo, J. ., Ferreira da Silva, V., Laurindo Costa Junior, F. ., Lima Carvalho Gonçalves, D., & César Silveira Jucá, S. (2019). Construction of a low-cost mobile embedded system for computer numerical control and educational purpose. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 1235–1247.


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