Analysis of the commercialization from the Enem by the three schools better ranked in 2015 from the city of São Paulo.

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Rodrigo Teixeira Conceição
Giuliano Carlo Rainatto
Norberto Almeida de Andrade


This work discusses the use of the ENEM ranking by a group of private schools in the city of São Paulo for commercial purposes and explcity through the data obtained from Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira (INEP), how the families are led to look for these schools because of the disclosure of results with criteria and deficit of information, starting an "intellectual auction" for the search for scholarships to attend high school. It is well-known that the students' dispute between private schools in São Paulo has been fierce over the years and the transitions made by them tend to happen at the end of the last grade of Elementary School II (9th Year), so, after having done all training in an institution, in the final portion of their preparation, students tend to look for specialized entrance schools and better ranked in the ENEM. We observed that these elements end up distorting the real breadth of the school function that starts to adopt measures to keep its students and just prepare for the entrance exam.


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Conceição, R. T., Rainatto, G. C., & Andrade, N. A. de. (2019). Analysis of the commercialization from the Enem by the three schools better ranked in 2015 from the city of São Paulo. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(9), 114-123.
Author Biography

Norberto Almeida de Andrade, FMU University

Doctoral candidate at FEA-USP, Msc in business and Management - Teacher


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