Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of College Algebra with ColAlgMap

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Phong Luu
Thinh Kieu


Teaching and learning lower level mathematics courses on the college level can be challenging and overwhelming. This paper will demonstrate how to design and develop a maplet package to aid in the teaching and learning of mathematics, to serve as a private tutor with infinite patience for college algebra students, and as a useful pedagogical tool for instructors. By using interactive worksheets and animated graphics in maplets, students will find the opportunity for numerous experiments that will foster their development of mathematical conceptual understanding and of computational skills.


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Luu, P., & Kieu, T. (2019). Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of College Algebra with ColAlgMap. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(8), 89-103. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.Vol7.Iss8.1655


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