Politeness Strategies and Cooperation Principle in 'Wonder' Movie

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Nurina Ulfa



This research discusses the politeness strategies and cooperative principle used by the characters in the movie entitled ‘Wonder’. The data of analysis come from the utterances of the characters which are described in descriptive method. The writer used politeness theory proposed by Brown and Levinson (1987) and cooperation principle advised by Grice (1975) to analyze the data. The results show that the characters in the movie used four kinds of strategies from Brown and Levinson (1987), those are bald on record, positive politeness, negative politeness and off record. The utterances in the movie proves the violation of four maxims namely maxim of quality, maxim of quantity, maxim of relevance and maxim of manner. As the conclusion, positive politeness is used the most among the characters because it shows their closeness in social distance.


Keywords: Politeness strategies, positive politeness, negative politeness



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Ulfa, N. (2019). Politeness Strategies and Cooperation Principle in ’Wonder’ Movie. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(7), 563-573. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.Vol7.Iss7.1596


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