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Roberto Ribeiro de Oliveira
Moacir Alberto Campos
Heleny Porciano Alves
Milton Fonseca Junior


The Tarumã district over the years has grown demographically in accelerated mode. In the neighborhood area, there is currently an environmental conflict due to the increase deforestation. These causes have been a major concern in this area. The study of this work relates this accelerated growth to the deforestation in the neighborhood, which is the object of study area. Images and shapes downloaded from the PRODES system were used in the site analysis, which were processed in the Arcgis 10. The results pointed out a very significant growth of deforestation at Tarumã area.


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Ribeiro de Oliveira, R., AMARO DE LIMA, A., Alberto Campos, M., Alves, H. P., & Junior, M. F. (2019). ANALYSIS OF THE DEFORESTATION 2005-2015 IN THE TARUMÃ SIDE OF THE WEST SIDE OF MANAUS-AM. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(7), 93-103.
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Heleny Porciano Alves, Galileo Institute of Technology and Education of the Amazon – ITEGAM Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Research department

Milton Fonseca Junior, Galileo Institute of Technology and Education of the Amazon – ITEGAM Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Research department


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