Prosthetic Dentistry Possibilities In Patients With Cleft Deformities Of The Palate and Alveolar Ridge: A Case Report

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Albertas Kriauciunas
Alvydas Gleiznys
Oskaras Godvaišas


A 56 year old man presented with one-sided cleft palate, affecting alveolar ridge in the upper left canine region. Patient was unable to eat and drink without having the food fall out through his mouths opening into his nose. During first visit, patient underwent x-ray analysis to identify how deeply the bone damage has affected his maxilla. It revealed deep bone penetration, connecting the base of the nose with the mouth. We suggested one of the most effective methods for treating these types of cases – a removable partial denture, which was made to work as an obturator at the same time, closing the space, which causes difficulties to the patient. This case report represents a rare presentation and treatment of cleft palate by using removable partial dentures (RPDs) to close the gap, connecting the patient’s mouth with the nose structures.


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Kriauciunas, A., Gleiznys, A., & Godvaišas, O. (2019). Prosthetic Dentistry Possibilities In Patients With Cleft Deformities Of The Palate and Alveolar Ridge: A Case Report. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(5), 275-281.


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