AcquaSmart: An Environment Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things to Education and Research

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Gustavo Scalabrini Sampaio
Gabriel Melo Francisco Correia
Leandro Augusto da Silva


Being an interdisciplinary area, Internet of Things presents great challenges to learning. However, it already is and will continue to be part of the daily life and thus requires qualified professionals to advance projects in this area. Apart from acquiring theoretical concepts, students need to put knowledge into practice. This practical learning aims to provide a means of easy assimilation to the student and that can mirror real situations of implementation. This work presents an Internet of Things learning methodology based on the development of environments that enable the student to put theoretical knowledge into practice in a scenario of easy assimilation. It is expected that the student will be able to understand the process of developing Internet of Things projects and the technologies involved in it. The proposed methodology is composed of 5 steps. The student analyzes the development environment, defines the type of implementation to be carried out, develops the hardware, the software and documents of the project. The data architecture together with the methodology allow the student to use and propose various types of development environments, controllers and web applications, being very flexible for learning. The implementation of temperature control was carried out in an aquarium environment. The proposed methodology proved to be efficient for the development of this project, so it can be applied in Internet of Things learning in educational institutions.


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Sampaio, G. S., Correia, G. M. F., & da Silva, L. A. (2019). AcquaSmart: An Environment Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things to Education and Research. International Journal of Innovation Education and Research, 7(1), 93-104.


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