Research on Fragmentation Learning of Primary School Chinese Teachers Based on WeChat

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Decheng Zhang
Jinxin Chen
Mingxia Zhang
Caigen Zhou


Teacher learning is characterized by informal learning and lifelong learning. Mobile devices and personal space in the information environment provide convenient conditions for the professional development of teachers. China's WeChat uses smart phone terminals as a platform to realize fast and two-way communication of voice, video, pictures, text, location and other information through the network. WeChat friends circle function, users can publish text, pictures and videos at any time, and become a record of life, A handy tool for sharing information with friends. This study uses case study methods, using Python and third-party library jieba, to analyze the text information of a primary school Chinese teacher WeChat friends circle, and assist in interviews and other methods to study the impact of fragmented learning on the professional growth of primary school Chinese teachers. Teachers can consciously improve their moral cultivation, establish a lifelong learning conviction, focus on their own professional development, be good at reflection, and actively carry out teaching reform. This leads to the general conclusion that teachers have a high degree of professional development consciousness and are practitioners of lifelong learning; fragmented and mixed learning is the most important form of learning for teachers; reflection is the best way for teachers to grow; innovative practice To be a smart teacher is the goal of the teacher.


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Zhang, D., Chen, J., Zhang, M., & Zhou, C. (2018). Research on Fragmentation Learning of Primary School Chinese Teachers Based on WeChat. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(12), 189-196.


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