Exploration of interactive classroom test method in universities based on the module thought

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Minghui Ma
Shidong Liang
Guilian Wang


University is an important transit station for students to enter social life, undertaking the important mission of personnel training. Nowadays, a series of challenges exists in university education, such as the popularity of electronic information making students lack the ability to help each other. How to develop the mutual cooperation ability and active learning ability is an important topic in university education. This paper proposes an interactive classroom test method considering the learning characteristics of university students. The module thought is introduced to optimize the teaching system and help teachers to master classroom. In the interactive classroom test method, students can design the test paper based on the learning of course content and understanding. Then the different module group may use and review these test papers. The application and investigation of the proposed method are given by concrete practice. The results show that this method can enhance the spirit of teamwork and competition among students.


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Ma, M., Liang, S., & Wang, G. (2018). Exploration of interactive classroom test method in universities based on the module thought. International Journal of Innovation Education and Research, 6(9), 153-159. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.Vol6.Iss9.1144
Author Biographies

Minghui Ma, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, 201620, China

Automobile Engineering College,

Shidong Liang, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, 200093, China

Business School

Guilian Wang, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, 201620, China

Automobile Engineering College


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