SCAVENGER SOCIAL EXISTENCE IN MAKASSAR (Case Study Community Scavenger in Tamangapa TPAS)

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Nursalam Nursalam
Muhammad Nawir


The purpose of this study was to determine social existence scavenger community in Landfill Waste (TPAS) Tamangapa Makassar. Qualitative descriptive study, the paradigm of post-positivism with the sociological perspective of the community. This research uses observation and interviews. Mechanical analysis is done by means of inductive, analyze the social existence of scavengers in the TPAS Tamangapa community. The results showed that the population of the city of Makassar increasingly growing impact on the production of waste generated. It affects the appearance of the scavenger communities around TPAS Tamangapa, namely Kampung Bontoa, the scavenger community settlement inhabited by indigenous communities Tamangapa; (2). Kassi village, the village community of scavengers is also inhabited by indigenous communities Kassi (the original inhabitants and first) Tamangapa society; (3). Kampung Kajang, a community settlement scavenger that come from outside of Makassar, the people of Kajang from Bulukumba, as well as an informer (primary source) in this study. Because of the need and economic necessity, in order to survive, they had to decide to urban to Makassar city without economic capital and capital skill except reckless capital alone. Initially, they planned to become rickshaw drivers, but suddenly they got the inspiration for scavengers after each day they see the car barge out of the trash at TPAS area not far from the hut. Finally, they agreed to become scavengers with the principle that it is better scavenging (kosher) rather than steal or starve to death.   


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Nursalam, N., & Nawir, M. . (2019). SCAVENGER SOCIAL EXISTENCE IN MAKASSAR (Case Study Community Scavenger in Tamangapa TPAS). International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(12), 01-07.


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