Factors Involved in Evaluating Health Services and Products

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Aleke Christian Okechukwu


Health services and products are of paramount importance at reforming and improving the performance of health system. The evaluation of health services and products should be based on the therapeutic needs of the health care system. This paper focuses on the factors involved in evaluating health services and products. Various ailments /indications, definitions and products recommendations were identified and some factors for evaluating various health products and health services were also reviewed. The individual, community, government, health care givers or professionals and the general public were advised to be equipped and guided by these factors involved in evaluating health services and products in other to achieve sound physical, mental, emotional and social well being. Claims about health products can be persuasive and misleading. This paper has been designed to help individual, community, health care givers or professionals, government and the general public learn to evaluate information about health products, especially those that target the youth market. Thus health services and products are those self growth tools for those seeking to improve their health and wellness through herbal supplement, over -the-encounter drugs, mental enrichment, and physical fitness product (such as exercycle exercise), arthro-aquatic fitness system, treadmills, total-body elliptical cross-trainers , wheel chair bike. These groups of people highlighted above are consumers of a range of health products and services throughout their lives, hence, it is important that they gain the knowledge and skills to select and evaluate those that will best meet their health needs.


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Aleke Christian Okechukwu, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

Department Of Human Kinetics and Health Education


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