Optimization Of the Manufacturing Process for School Portfolios Through the Implementation of The Cellular Layout





layout, manufacturing process, process mapping


One of the most common problems encountered in the manufacturing process is improper layout. About 30% of production time is wasted on transporting materials and products. The causes of this waste are problems in the disposition of stock and machines in production, that is, in the factory layout production of school desks became more efficient with the use of the cell layout. The result found was that with the implementation of the cell layout, there was an increase in the number of wallets produced and a reduction in the waste of materials. It is concluded that the. In this context, the production line based on the cellular layout has been an excellent ally, since the cells of this layout can improve the use of available space, without increasing costs due to major renovations or constructions. To prove such improvements, through the implementation of the cell layout, the PSL method (Systematic Layout Planning) was used, which follows steps such as data collection, analysis of necessary and available space, and factory limitations. With these stages of knowledge and analysis of the factory, it becomes possible to discard layouts that do not fit the characteristics of the company, whether related to financial resources, available space, and factory culture. Using the Chi-Square test for statistical analysis, it was possible to verify that the cell layout is an efficient optimization tool in the school desks production process, as it brought numerous benefits to the factory under studies, such as increased productivity, greater organization, and flexibility in the processes.


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Author Biographies

Gilmara dos Reis, University of the State of Amazonas

Coordination of Accounting Sciences, School of Social Sciences

Edinaldo José de S Cunha, Federal University of Para

Department of Postgraduate Program in Process Engineering


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