Algebraic Arithmaric of The Remainders




The new Algebraic language has the purpose of describing the demonstrations of modular arithmatic in a diferente language, providing its theorems and axioms in totally new and diferente way from what has been done until now. And in it has the proof and demonstration of Catalan Conjecture. 


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Saraiva, O. W. M., Reis, C. P. dos, Beirão, A. T. M., Silva, K. P., Rocha, H. O. da, Lobato, F. da S., Soares, D. C. de B., Gonçalves, A. do S. da C., Galiza, A. B. da C., & Gasparim, I. R. (2021). Algebraic Arithmaric of The Remainders . International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 9(11), 478–490.

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