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Processes, Quality, Fuzzy Logic


The contemporary business environment seeks continuous improvement to remain competitive in the market, as customers increasingly demand quality products or services. In this perspective, this paper presents a methodology aimed at evaluating the quality of processes in the project management sector in a Third Sector Organization, based on the Fuzzy mathematical model. For this, linguistic variables (input) were developed according to information obtained from company Y, which enabled the application of the Fuzzy Logic method, in order to determine the output variable, which in this case is quality. After determining the rules, it was possible to obtain results that show that the developed fuzzy model has the potential to help improve the quality of processes.


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Souza, J. C. de, & Nascimento, M. H. R. (2021). DEVELOP A FUZZY INFERENCE MODEL TO MEASURE THE QUALITY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES IN A THIRD SECTOR INSTITUTION. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 9(10), 246–283.

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