• Frederico Cordeiro Martins Universidade Fumec
  • Marta Macedo Kerr Pinheiro Universidade Fumec
  • Sergio Henriques Zandona Freitas Universidade Fumec



Mediation, Information Science, Right, Advocacy, technology


This article aims to study mediation and its various approaches and forms of action, to identify its applicability in the professional legal arena. It has been with the assumption the existence of an apparent conflict that permeates this profession whose human actions already are established, but that have been impacted by the actions not human (technology) based on the economics of information and knowledge. It is questionable C atom to Information mediation can act in the transformations suffered by law in face of the changes that the Information and Communication Technologies-ICT have caused in society. We opted for research of an applied nature, contemplating intervention in social reality, with a qualitative approach, with an exploratory objective, whose method is the inductive one, as the general conclusion is based on a set of particular observations from the literature. As a result, important theoretical elements were identified for the debate on mediation and its ability to lead in the transformation processes of advocacy.


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