Production Line Virtualization Process Using Plant Simulation Tool




Optimization, Simulation, Plant Simulation, Engineering, Decision-Making


The constant changes in the world generate demands for improvements in processes, either by reducing costs or increasing capacity. One of the most used methods today for process optimization is Discrete Simulation. This research presents a discrete simulation application, using the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software to simulate a production line in the Manaus Industrial Pole. Mathematical modeling made it possible to understand the parameters involved in the production process and worked as a guide for the production line's composition in the Plant Simulation environment. The production line modeled in Plant Simulation used real input data obtained in two months of production in 2020. The results obtained showed that the modeling reached the objective of virtualizing the production process, once that the differences between the simulation and the real process were at most 1.07%.


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Author Biographies

José Henrique da Costa Queiroz Gonzalez, Federal University of Amazonas

Master Degree Student

Nelson Kuwahara, Federal University of Amazonas



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