• Rosa Elaine Andrade Santos Federal University of Sergipe
  • Gabriel Francisco da Silva Federal University of Sergipe
  • Josenito Oliveira Santos Federal University of Sergipe
  • José Ricardo de Santana Federal University of Sergipe
  • Cleide Mara Barbosa da Cruz Federal University of Sergipe



Projects, Regional Development, CT-Petro, Sectorial Found


The present work aims to analyze the development of projects with resources from CT-Petro; since its creation. This Sectorial Fund envisioned the technological development of the Oil and Natural Gas production chain in the North, Northeast and Midwest regions. This study sought to survey the actions of the projects developed and whether patents were somehow created with the financial resources released through FINEP for the realization of CT-Petro. The unfolding of the activities was carried out with the application of questionnaires to public institutions registered in the Electronic System of the Citizen Information Service – e-Sic-CGU. From the tabulation of the information collected from the sample, the direction given was to compare with the information from the patent application filing database, of the National Institute of Industrial Property - INPI, in order to identify the percentage values of filing applications of these three regions and how the Sectoral Fund has impacted the development of patents and their respective application for protection. The survey carried out showed that even after the implementation of CT-Petro there was little change in the national scenario of IP productivity, aimed at the Oil and Natural Gas production chain, in Brazilian territory. This research is qualitative and quantitative, with the application of a semi-open questionnaire and data collection on INPI database websites, technological innovation agency websites, technological innovation centers, scientific journals, dissertations, theses and access platform information from the Brazilian Federal Government.


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Santos, R. E. A., Silva, G. F. da, Santos, J. O., Santana, J. R. de, & Cruz, C. M. B. da. (2021). PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH RESOURCES OF THE CT-PETRO SECTOR FUND IN THE NORTH, NORTHEAST AND CENTRAL-WEST REGIONS. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 9(7), 305–322.

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