The Public perspectives on Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A survey study




Artificial Intelligence, IntelliIntelligent mentoring services, Personalized healthcare, Medical professionals, Pandemic, Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence is the focus term of the 21st century. It has been widely accepted and adopted in several key areas like education, marketing, retail, and engineering among numerous others however the healthcare sector seems to lag in its welcome. AI has the potential to unlock a new transformation in patient care, diagnosis, and mentoring and support services as seen from a review of relevant literature. It is therefore essential to understand how people view Artificial Intelligence and feel its need or demands in improving their health-related needs. This study was designed, keeping this thought in mind. A survey study was carried out in Delhi-NCR with fifty participants belonging to the age group of 18-50 years, who were health-conscious, and proficient in the use of technology like smartphones and other smart devices. The survey findings reveal that respondents desired the integration of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to medical services ranging from appointment booking through intelligent chatbots to insightful diagnosis using risk profiles, intricate surgeries guided by intelligent robots to mentoring services which described health goals and discussed sustainable solutions towards achieving desired goals through lifestyle changes.  Secondary data showed the application of such technologies in hospitals in form of unique personalized programs aimed at improving patient care and promote good health. The study further recommends the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare services in both rural and urban areas to reduce the burden on medical professionals, increase personalized and efficient healthcare service provision especially in times of global pandemic and increase people’s consciousness towards the need for good health through the adoption of positive lifestyle changes.


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Author Biography

Sampurna Guha, Amity University

Asst. Professor


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