Determinate of diarrhea among under-five children in Northwest Ethiopia




Diarrhea, under-five children, Jabitehnan district, Ethiopia


This study aimed to assess the determinants of diarrhea among children under-five in Jabitehnan district, Northwest Ethiopia. A community-based cross-sectional study was done using a cluster sampling technique. The study was done in the Jabitehnan district from April to July 2019.  The study was done among women who had children under five during the survey who settled in Jabitehnan district. The main outcome measure was the occurrence of diarrhea. A binary logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with diarrhea. The prevalence of diarrhea was found to be 19.8%. The child lived with whose non-biological mothers were 32.44 times more likely to be exposed to diarrhea compared to the child who lived with whose biological mothers. The odds of being diarrheal for a child whose mother does not wash her hand after latrine was 7.91 times higher than its counterpart. A child whose mother pregnant was 5.66 times higher risk of developing diarrhea than whose mother do not pregnant. The likelihood of diarrhea for children drinking unprotected water were14.1times higher than its counterpart. The magnitude of reported diarrhea was high. Child age, residence, drinking water, pregnant mother, toilet facility, washing hand after latrine, and child live with whom were the main determinates of diarrhea. Addressing these factors will help to prevent future morbidity and mortality of children and will assist in alleviating hygiene and refining their quality of life. Moreover, a trend-based sampling design might be considered for a better understanding.


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Author Biography

Habtamu Dessie, Woldia University

Department of Statistics, Faculty of Natural and Computational Science


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