• Priscilla Leão de Lima FAMETRO
  • Richardyson Nobrega da Fonseca Graduate department of the university center - FAMETRO
  • Rilmar Pereira Gomes Graduate department of the university center - FAMETRO
  • David Barbosa de Alencar Graduate department of the university center - FAMETRO



Data Mining, Standards, Commercial marketing


Currently, companies seek to find methods to analyze their customer behaviors and profiles. From this, a case study was carried out in a drugstore, in which the data mining technique and the Apriori algorithm were applied, for a better understanding. of your sales. First, a bibliographic survey on data mining and its tasks was carried out. Soon the sales made and their respective products were examined. Finally, marketing standards were presented according to the data analyzed, in order to assist the organizational management and marketing of the examined company.


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Author Biography

Priscilla Leão de Lima, FAMETRO

Graduate department of the university center


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol9.iss4.3033

How to Cite

Leão de Lima, P., Fonseca, R. N. da, Gomes, R. P., & Alencar, D. B. de. (2021). USE OF ASSOCIATION RULES TO PERFORM THE MINING OF A MARKETING DATABASE COMERCIAL. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 9(4), 142–152.
Received 2021-03-04
Accepted 2021-03-22
Published 2021-04-01

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