Cytogenetic evaluation of α, β-amirina obtained in resin of Protium heptaphylum (Aubl.) Marchand in polychromatics erythrocytes of mice swiss.


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  • Everton Pantoja Vale Federal University of Amapá image/svg+xml
  • Danilo Dheyvison Nascimento Pureza Federal University of Amapá image/svg+xml
  • Moacir de Azevedo Bentes Monteiro Neto Federal University of Amapá image/svg+xml
  • Fernando Antônio de Medeiros Federal University of Amapá image/svg+xml
  • Rebecca Martins



Almecegueira, α, β-amirine, Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon Rainforest has a great variety of medicinal plants, among them we can highlight the “Almecegueira” or “Breu Branco” (Protium heptaphylum) in Portuguese, the producer of a greenish-white resin that hardens when it touches the air, known by its gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. These effects are attributed to a triterpene mixture of α and β amirine, predominant in the resin. The purpose of the study is to obtain a cytogenetic profile to the α, β-amirine mixture obtained in the resin of P. heptaphylum. For this, the micronucleus test was used in peripheral blood and bone marrow; administering solution in Swiss mice with the dosages of 1mg/Kg, 3mg/Kg, and 10mg/Kg, diluted in 5% DMSO, the effects were observed in 24h and 48h after the treatment. For the test in peripheral blood the mice’s caudal vein was punctured, while for the bone marrow test, the femurs of the animals were obtained from which bone marrow samples were taken. It was found that in peripheral blood, the administration of the compounds did not cause genotoxicity in 24h and 48h, in contrast, antigenotoxicity was, for concentrations 1; 3 and 10mg/kg, respectively 10%; 12%; 67% in 24h and 9%; 15%; 73% in 48h.  In the bone marrow, no genotoxicity was observed, as for antigenotoxicity was observed that for concentrations 1; 3 e 10mg/kg the percentage of reduction was respectively: 11%, 15%, and 30% in 24h and 13% 16% 33% in 48h. It is concluded that the studied compound can be an alternative for treatments in the future since it presents low toxicity and high antigenotoxic potential.


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Author Biographies

Lucas Rodrigues do Rego, Federal University of Amapá

Genetic and Biomolecular Research Group (GPCBIO), Department of Biological Sciences and Health

Everton Pantoja Vale, Federal University of Amapá

Genetic and Biomolecular Research Group (GPCBIO), Department of Biological Sciences and Health

Danilo Dheyvison Nascimento Pureza, Federal University of Amapá

Genetic and Biomolecular Research Group (GPCBIO), Department of Biological Sciences and Health

Moacir de Azevedo Bentes Monteiro Neto, Federal University of Amapá

Genetic and Biomolecular Research Group (GPCBIO), Department of Biological Sciences and Health

Fernando Antônio de Medeiros, Federal University of Amapá

Genetic and Biomolecular Research Group (GPCBIO), Department of Biological Sciences and Health


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol9.iss4.3007

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