Design and implementation of 3D printer for Mechanical Engineering Courses


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  • José Jean-Paul Zanlucchi de Souza Tavares Federal University of Uberlândia image/svg+xml



Delta 3D printer, Mechanical Engineering Courses, Delta MAPL


Nowadays 3D printing is a hot topic and this was specially observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, this project has the objective to present the design and implementation of a 3D printer, which fits the Mechanical Engineering Courses requisites. The founded solution follows the Delta architecture and it was called Delta MAPL. This paper will summarize all important definitions and knowledge to build a 3D printer such as, 3D printers technologies and architectures, expose the developed project involving mechanic and electric project, project cost, programming and slicer, calibration, printing parameters, and will also expose de results through implementation of the project, 3D printing tests, and also the documentation with all design parts, codes and printing parameters. Therefore, 3D printer is very useful and involving many fields of Mechanical Engineering knowledge, thus 3D printing develops not only knowledge in mechanic, electric, sensors and actuators and material properties, but also creativity and problem-solving that are so important for all engineering students.


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Author Biographies

Luiz Renato Rodrigues Carneiro, Federal University of Uberlândia

Manufacturing Automated Planning Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering

José Jean-Paul Zanlucchi de Souza Tavares, Federal University of Uberlândia

Manufacturing Automated Planning Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering


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