8958 1 Dimensions for the Non-Financial Indicators Metric for Production Chains


  • Margarete Arbugeri UCS
  • Maria Emilia Camargo UCS
  • Antonio Jorge Fernandes UCS
  • Maria Elisabeth Pereira UCS
  • Isadora Arbugeri Menegotto UCS




Non-financial indicators, Vitivinicola production chains, Sustainability of the Production Chain, Cooperation


There's an apparent gap  as in understanding how organizations  measure  performance. This gap is due to the nature and complexityof  the Business Structure and the extent of the owner-managers who are willing to participate  in the research process. Throughout the same argument, organizations  within each link of the production chains do not have the understanding oftheir performance and how they should bemeasured. In order to investigate and ter a better understanding of the performance  of the links this research  aims to contribute to the definition of the dimmenseitieséthat are necessary to make up the mis trica of non-financial indicators for the measurementçãof the sustainability of the main andauxiliary  production chains.  Qualitative andin-depth  convergent interview techniques are adopted with 5 managers of organizations of the vitiviní cola chainandwho work at the internationallevel. After collecting and analyzing the content of the metric, we seek to continue the studies by defining the variables that will compose each dimension. It was found that the metric should be composed of the following dimensions: environmental, social, economic, cooperation and trust.


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