Mapping of technologies using thermal images to control epidemics




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The quest to combat the spread of the new Corona Virus Pandemic is a battle experienced worldwide, more specifically in the year 2020 when it caused a tragedy in the lives of a large part of the world population. The current numbers of contaminated people and deaths are alarming. Transmitted through droplets expelled through the nose or mouth, it leads to fever, which is the most common symptom of COVID-19. A technique that uses thermal images to check dispersed heat is a thermography. These images are captured by thermal cameras or devices with temperature sensors. Thus, the purpose of this work was to map the deposits of patent applications in order to seek technologies related to the use of thermal images to control the pandemic. The search base chosen for this research characterized as exploratory quantitative was Espacenet, which returned a final result of 119 published patent documents. Of these 93 documents were worked on in this article which gave us a more discussed result, since the others were repeated. The research revealed that patent applications in this area were stable until the current year when a Corona Virus pandemic spread, forcing researchers to develop research in order to combat it. The increase in the number of patents in 2020 shows the tendency to increase to 2021 when new research should appear and, consequently, new patented documents may be exposed in the future.


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