Decolonizing Moral Education

An African Indigenous Perspective


  • Prof. Lucy Wairimu Kibera University of Nairobi



Colonialism, Decolonizing, Culture, Morals, Education, Indigenous


This paper has examined the importance of African Indigenous Moral Education versus Moral Education introduced by the colonizers in maintaining social fabric. In doing so, concepts pertaining to colonialism, decolonization, education, morals, have been defined. Further, aims of education of African Indigenous people have been articulated as well as their status in these societies and corresponding state of morality among Indigenous African people versus the rest of the world today. Finally, suggestions towards integration of African Indigenous Moral Education into school curriculum has been made.


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Author Biography

Prof. Lucy Wairimu Kibera, University of Nairobi

Professor of Education


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss11.2688

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Kibera, P. L. W. (2020). Decolonizing Moral Education: An African Indigenous Perspective. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(11), 14–20.
Received 2020-09-09
Accepted 2020-09-21
Published 2020-11-01