Application of the Kalman Filter in Functional Magnetic Resonance Image Data

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Valcir J. da C. Farias
Marcus P. C. Rocha
Heliton Tavares


The Kalman-Bucy filter was applied on the preprocessing of the functional magnetic resonance image-fMRI. Numerical simulations of hemodynamic response added Gaussian noise were performed to evaluate the performance of the filter. After the proceeding was applied in auditory real data. The Kohonen’s self-organized map was employed as tools to compare the performance of the Kalman’s filter with another type of pre-processing. The results of the application of Kalman-Bucy filter for simulated data and real auditory data showed that it can be used as a tool in the temporal filtering step in fMRI data.


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Farias, V., Rocha, M., & Tavares, H. (2020). Application of the Kalman Filter in Functional Magnetic Resonance Image Data. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(9), 416-433.
Author Biographies

Valcir J. da C. Farias, Federal University of Pará – Brazil

Faculty of Statistics- Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences

Marcus P. C. Rocha, Federal University of Pará – Brazil

Faculty of Mathematics- Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences

Heliton Tavares, Federal University of Pará

Faculty of Statistics- Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences


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