Aspects Related to Nurse Leadership in Several Places of Action: Literature Review

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Antonny Michael da Silva Sousa
Mikaelly Pinheiro Garcia
Eveline Menezes Caçote Barbosa
Loren Rebeca Anselmo do Nascimento
Rayner Augusto Libório dos Santos Monteiro
Graciana de Sousa Lopes


It is an integrative review in order to analyze aspects related to the leadership of nurses in the last ten years. The search was carried out from July to August 2019 in Portuguese, English and Spanish. LILACS, BDENF and SCIELO were used as database. For the selection of articles, the descriptors “Perception”, “Leadership” and “Nursing” were combined, of which 46 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, which were analyzed using a Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analyzes checklist - PRISM. As a result, 23 articles were included for the discussion of the theme from four categories: Perception about Leadership, Challenges faced; Communication in interpersonal relationships and Professional qualification. It is noticed that, still, the need to reflect on the work process of nurses so that they have the necessary conditions to deepen their scientific research, developing safe and quality care and a management committed to professional and social valorization.


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da Silva Sousa, A. M. ., Pinheiro Garcia, M. ., Menezes Caçote Barbosa, E., Anselmo do Nascimento, L. R., Libório dos Santos Monteiro, R. A. ., & de Sousa Lopes, G. (2020). Aspects Related to Nurse Leadership in Several Places of Action: Literature Review. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(9), 404-415.


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