CNC Machine Building Through Open Sources Projects and Programs

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André Amorim Gonçalves Xavier
Flavio Maldonado Bentes
Marcelo de Jesus Rodrigues da Nóbrega
Fabiano Battemarco da Silva Martins
Hildson Rodrigues de Queiroz


This research presents a theoretical and practical approach on the construction of a low-cost CNC machine, using as a base model found on the internet. Having his knowledge of movement that in the past was movement only one axis at a time, and in current controls movement on three simultaneous axes. The use of an Arduino micro controller will be the key part of the machine's operation, since it behaves like a PLC, starting from basic to advanced programming. The use of the project will end in its academic use and the dissemination of the technology used


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Xavier, A. A. G. ., Bentes, F. M. ., Nóbrega, M. de J. R. da ., Silva Martins, F. B. da ., & Queiroz, H. R. de . (2020). CNC Machine Building Through Open Sources Projects and Programs. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(9), 108-118.
Author Biographies

André Amorim Gonçalves Xavier, Unisuam

Mechanical Engineer

Flavio Maldonado Bentes, UFRJ

Post-Doctor in Mechanical Engineering

Marcelo de Jesus Rodrigues da Nóbrega, CEFET-RJ and Santa Úrsula University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Professor at UNIGAMA

Fabiano Battemarco da Silva Martins, Santa Úrsula University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Professor at UNIGAMA

Hildson Rodrigues de Queiroz, Petroleum Engineer (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Professor at UNISUAM


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