Innovation, intellectual property and technological transfer by inventors in Brazil




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Innovation can be understood as a technological asset in relation to the protection of knowledge with regard to intellectual property, and a challenge for universities and companies regarding the transfer of technology, since there are numerous variables that influence even full monetization. It is important to reflect on all the energy expended in relation to the authors involved in this process, having as general objective to analyze the perception of researchers about the processes of protection of intellectual property and its security mechanisms, characteristics of innovation and technology transfer. A structured research was used as a methodology, using the survey method, applied to specialists, with hypotheses formulated, based on the literature review. The results mainly understand that there is a moderate correlation index in quantitative terms of graduate programs and number of patents, by region of Brazil, an awareness in agreement with the elements of protection of intellectual property. In global efforts among researchers, universities and companies, only about 5% of patents have reached the level of royalty generation, demonstrating that the other 95% are still available for potential exploitation for society.


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Author Biographies


Dr student in Science Intellectual Property by UFS, Master in Intellectual Property by the UFS (2016), expert in Business Marketing by FANESE (2008) and Visual Arts by SENAC / SE (2011), graduated in Graphic Design by Universidade Tiradentes (2004)

Suzana Leitão Russo, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Post-Doctorate in Technology Transfer from the University of South Florida (USA) (2015/2016), Post-Doctorate in Quantitative Methods Applied to Management by the University of Algarve in Faro/Portugal (2005), PhD in Production Engineering from UFSC (2002), Master in Statistics from PUC/RJ (1993). Associate Professor, Federal University of Sergipe. She was coordinator of the Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer of UFS (2008/2012). She was Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Science (PPGPI) at UFS (2012/2014). He was President of the Association of the State of Sergipe in Intellectual Property (2013/2015). President of the Academic Association of Intellectual Property since 2015. Editor-in-Chief of Geintec Magazine - Management, Innovation and Technologies. He works in the Area of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Production Engineering and Applied Statistics, with applications on the themes: Statistical Quality Control,Time Series, Forecasting, Technological Prospecting and Technology Transfer.

Maria Emília Camargo, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Graduated in Statistics from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1977), Bachelor of Administration and Control from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1977), Bachelor of Administrative Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1975), Bachelor of Economic Sciences From the Federal University of Santa Maria (1979), bachelor's degree in Economics and Marketing from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1977), Master's degree in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1979) and PhD in Production Engineering from the Federal University santa catarina (1992). Post-doctorate in Statistical Process Control from Kazan Technical State University. Post-doctorate in Quantitative Methods Applied to Management by the University of Algarve Portugal. He held senior internship at the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Portugal in Georeferencing applied to the flow of knowledge. Coordinator of the Master's and Doctorate in Administration at the University of Caxias do Sul, from June 2012 to July 2017. Professor and Coordinator at UCS of the Doctorate in Administration in association between the University of Caxias do Sul and PUCRS, from June 2011 to July 2017. Permanent Professor of the Graduate Program in Administration of the University of Caxias do Sul and Graduate Program in Production Engineering, University of Caxias do Sul. She is currently coordinator of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering -UCS. She leads a research group (GPMA) on Multidisciplinary Research in Administration, registered with CNPq Researcher at CNPq level 1-C, in the period 1993-2002. Productivity Scholarship Desen. Tec. and Innovative Extension of CNPq- Level 2 (2013 to 2016). Productivity Researcher at CNPq from 2018. Manager of the Technological Innovation Center of Campos de Cima da Serra. Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering since July 2019. Researcher at the Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policy Research Unit (GOVCOPP) of the University of Aveiro - Portugal. His main research interests are: Prospective Scenarios, Productive Arrangements, Social Innovation, Technological Innovation, Knowledge Management, Construction and Scale Validation. Meta-analysis. Neural Network Modeling. Time Series. Patentometry. (Text informed by the author)

Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Professor Titular do Depto. de Ciências Administrativas da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Líder do Grupo de Pesquisa: COMPORTAMENTO INOVADOR, ESTRESSE E TRABALHO. Graduação em Matemática pela Faculdade Imaculada Conceição (1988), mestrado em Engenharia de Produção pela Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (1994) e doutorado em Engenharia de Produção e Sistemas pela Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2001). Publicou 223 artigos em periódicos especializados e 572 trabalhos em anais de eventos. Possui 7 livros publicados e 30 capítulos de livros. Participou de 111 eventos. Orientou 3 teses de doutorado, 59 dissertações de mestrado, co-orientou 8, orientou 74 monografias de especialização, 49 trabalhos de iniciação científica e 52 trabalhos de conclusão de curso nas áreas de Administração, Engenharia de Produção, Estatística Aplicada e Enfermagem. Recebeu 20 prêmios e/ou homenagens. Membro do Comitê de Avaliadores do MEC, FAPEMA, FAPESPA e FAPESC. Membro do Comitê Científico da CAPES e CNPq na área de Administração. Tem experiência na área de: - Estatística: com ênfase em Métodos Quantitativos e Análise Multivariada; - Administração, com ênfase em Inovação Tecnológica, Comportamento organizacional e Doenças Comportamentais. Em seu currículo Lattes os termos mais frequentes na contextualização da produção científica, tecnológica são: estatística aplicada, inovação tecnológica, comportamento organizacional e doenças comportamentais. Em suas atividades profissionais interagiu com 1585 colaboradores em co-autorias de projetos, grupos de pesquisa e trabalhos e artigos científicos. (Texto informado pelo autor)

Jonas Pedro Fabris, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

He holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the Integrated Regional University of Alto Uruguay and missions (1998) and a master's degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2003), a PhD in Intellectual Property Science (PPGPI/UFS) and a research scholar from the University of South Florida (USA). Professor of Civil Engineering at PRONATEC (2014). Volunteer Professor of Statistics at the Federal University of Sergipe (2014/2015). He has experience in Civil Engineering, with emphasis on Civil Construction, Thermal Comfort, Acoustic and Lighting; Planning and Budget of Works; Earthwork. He also works in Technology Transfer. Currently Permanent Professor of the Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Science at UFS.


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