Use of Physical Education Classes as a Didactic Laboratory for Teaching Mathematics An Example with a Quadratic Function

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Valcir Farias


The research objective of this study was to evaluate the use of Physical Education classes as didactic laboratory for lessons in Mathematics, presenting an alternative way to conduct classes, mainly of quadratic functions, illustrating basic concepts such as graphs plotting and determination coefficients, analyze if such use achieves some of the goals of using a Didactic Laboratory in addition to research ways to interdisciplinary with Physics. Discusses an action in which students work in groups to solve problems proposed based on empirical data obtained through play activities and measures of athletics values practiced by the students allowing may have the opportunity to produce arguments and more meaningful answers, which would improve the overall learning. The athletics and recreational activities are then used as problematic objects both empirically and qualitatively. As a result, it was observed that some of the objectives of a Didactic Laboratory are achieved when using the Physical Education classes and it appears that this feature is much more available in public schools than they are equipped with a science laboratory.


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Farias, V., Silva, K. A. C. da ., Almeida, C. L. B. S. de, & Almeida, K. B. S. . de. (2020). Use of Physical Education Classes as a Didactic Laboratory for Teaching Mathematics: An Example with a Quadratic Function . International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(6), 471-480.


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