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Maria Gabriela Rodrigues
César Augusto Santos
Cinthia Elen Cardoso
Larissa Escalfi Tristao
Pâmela Gomes Nakada de Freitas


Since it is a climacteric fruit, banana can be harvested still green, but in a state of complete physiological development, and due to the high release of ethylene, it needs appropriate post-harvest conservation to increase its conservation, and for that, coating with starch-based biofilm becomes an alternative. Thus, the aim of this study was to verify the effects of corn starch biofilm and refrigeration on 'Prata' banana fruits in order to develop an accessible and more sustainable technology in the conservation and protection of fruits. Bananas from the 'Prata' subgroup were used, submitted to refrigeration and / or coating with corn starch biofilm and evaluated in three post-harvest periods. The design was completely randomized in a 4x3 factorial scheme, with nine replicates. It could be concluded that low temperature provided by refrigeration is able to delay the ripening process of ‘Prata’ banana, preserving its measurable characteristics. Biofilm is capable of providing protection, less water loss, consequently preserving measurable characteristics, such as refrigeration; however, with the advantage of allowing fruits to ripen, resulting in better consumption properties.


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Rodrigues, M. G., Santos, C. A. ., Cardoso, C., Tristao, L., & Freitas, P. (2020). STARCH-BASED BIOFILM ASSOCIATED WITH REFRIGERATION IN THE POST-HARVEST CONSERVATION OF ’PRATA’ BANANA. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(6), 167-175.
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César Augusto Santos, São Paulo State University, Dracena, SP, Brazil.

Departament of Plant Production

Cinthia Elen Cardoso , São Paulo State University, Dracena, SP, Brazil.

Departament of Plant Production

Larissa Escalfi Tristao, São Paulo State University, Dracena, SP, Brazil.

Departament of Plant Production

Pâmela Gomes Nakada de Freitas, São Paulo State University, Dracena, SP, Brazil.

Departament of Plant Production


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