The Procedural Justice as an Approach to Address Workload among Kindergarten Supervisors, Minia Governorate

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Tahany Shehata Ahmed Abdul Latif
Nasser Foad Ali Ghobish
Hany El-Sayed Mohamed El-Azab


The current research aimed at identifying the level of procedural justice and workload among kindergarten supervisors at Minia governorate, and identifying the relationship between procedural justice and workload. For data collection, the researcher applied a questionnaire to a sample of (36) kindergarten supervisors, Minia governorate. Results revealed that there was a statistically significant correlative relationship between the level of procedural justice and workload reflected in the workload of kindergarten supervisors. Therefore, the study recommended providing a suitable climate for practicing procedural justice, paying attention to the professional development of kindergarten supervisors, providing material and moral encouragement for kindergarten technical supervisors, providing means of transportation between kindergartens especially in the countryside, and activating the system of promotions inside kindergartens.


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Latif, T. S. A. A. ., Ghobish, N. F. A. ., & El-Azab, H. E.-S. M. . (2020). The Procedural Justice as an Approach to Address Workload among Kindergarten Supervisors, Minia Governorate. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(5), 327-338.
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Tahany Shehata Ahmed Abdul Latif, Minia University

Faculty of Early Childhood Education

Nasser Foad Ali Ghobish, Minia University

Faculty of Early Childhood Education

Hany El-Sayed Mohamed El-Azab, Minia University

Faculty of Early Childhood Education


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