A Study on the Causal Relationship between Spot Price and Futures Price of Crude Oil and Agricultural Products

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Dong Hoon Shin
Seon Hyeon Kim


This paper studies the relationship between the agricultural, energy, and derivatives markets. This study empirically analyzes how the results of previous studies on the Granger causality between oil price and the spot price of agricultural products appear in the futures market by using the Toda and Yamamoto (1995)’ causality test. There are two main findings. First, 7 bidirectional causalities and 27 causalities between oil and 6 agricultural products are found, providing strong evidence of a causal relationship. Second, causality is found between oil prices and grain and oilseed type agricultural products, and the spot price of oil has relatively more causalities on agricultural product prices than the futures price of oil. Lastly, testing each period shows that a financial crisis can strengthen the relationship between the agriculture markets and the energy markets


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Shin, D. H., & Kim, S. H. (2020). A Study on the Causal Relationship between Spot Price and Futures Price of Crude Oil and Agricultural Products. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(5), 296-315. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss5.2345
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Dong Hoon Shin, Inha University

Associate Professor in the Department of Global Finance and Banking

Seon Hyeon Kim, Korea Universe, Seoul, South Korea

Department of Business Administration,


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