Path Planning in Multi-AGVs Using a Modified A-star Algorithm

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Xing Xu
Munashe Zhoya


The problem of path planning is a hot and exclusive research topic on multiple Automatic Guided Vehicles (multi-AGVs) systems. Many research results have been reported, but outrightly solving path planning problem from the perspective of reducing traffic congestion have faced obstacles. A collision-free path planning procedure based on a modified A-star Algorithm for multi-AGVs logistics sorting system is proposed in this paper. AGVs are now a poplar way to handle materials in latest smart warehouses. Many researches have been conducted and new technologies are still being developed. There is wide scale research on algorithms to help in scheduling, routing and path planning. Multi-AGVs are used to load goods automatically in a packaging factory. To ensure an effective and safe collision free path planning, this work investigates movement, scheduling and routing, speed manipulation and efficiency of machinery to target positions. The A-star algorithm with grid method to map out a typical warehouse scenario into multiple nodes was used. To have the shortest possible path, for obstacle avoidance, we employed the Braitenberg model. The waiting strategy is used for conflict resolution at intersections.


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Xu, X. ., & Zhoya, M. (2020). Path Planning in Multi-AGVs Using a Modified A-star Algorithm. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(5), 273-282.
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Xing Xu, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou 310023,Zhejiang,China

School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering


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