Inventory Automation Using RFID Technology in Romaster Engenharia

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Henrique Gomes Ferreira
Marden Eufrasio dos Santos
Jean Mark Lobo de Oliveira
David Barbosa de Alencar


The inventory of assets is something common and very common in companies annually or even every semester, it is an essential factor for a large and medium-sized company. The large number and degree of complexity of the assets that a company has directly affects the difficulty of managing these assets and, of course, the definition of an accurate inventory. We are talking about a large amount of assets, not just to be on paper and registering one at a time takes a long time, so the idea of our article was to automate all the company's assets (Romaster) by tags, and install antennas at points strategic to make an accurate reading of the company's assets, thus optimizing the inventory time. This technology has existed since the last century, used for the most diverse purposes, but now inserted in the inventory management of the Romaster company.


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Gomes Ferreira, H., Eufrasio dos Santos, M., Lobo de Oliveira, J. M., & Barbosa de Alencar, D. (2020). Inventory Automation Using RFID Technology in Romaster Engenharia. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(4), 180–186.


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