Internet of Things-Aided Smart Home Off-Grid Photovoltaic-Powered

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Layse Pereira do Nascimento
Joice Machado Martins
Caio Castro Rodrigues
Rhuan Carlos Martins Ribeiro
Glauber Tadaiesky Marques
Emerson Cordeiro Morais
Walmir Oliveira Couto
Pedro Silvestre da Silva Campos
Otavio Andre Chase
José Felipe Souza de Almeida


Nowadays, smart devices which can be controlled remotely by the Internet appear in the preference setting rather than the manual control to improve the standard of living. In this paper, a domotic system integrated into PV power generation has been developed on the Internet of Things (IoT). The system uses sensors for fire detection and monitoring of the temperature and relative air humidity. Based on real-time, the home automation off-grid system is developed so that makes the system cost-effective and portable.


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Nascimento, L., Machado, J., Rodrigues, C. ., Ribeiro, R., Marques, G., Morais, E., Couto, W., Campos, P., Chase, O., & Almeida, J. F. (2020). Internet of Things-Aided Smart Home Off-Grid Photovoltaic-Powered. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(5), 29-42.


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