Prospecting the Impact of New Business based on Project Keywords


  • Edward David Moreno a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:35:"UFS - Federal University of Sergipe";}
  • Maria Elena Leon Olave UFS - Federal University of Sergipe
  • Paulo Afonso Universidade do Minho



Technological forecasting, Technology Watch, Intelligence Systems, Google Trends, Business and Research


In this paper we present and use the ITW-Index – this name was given in reference to the term Technology Watch, which is a technique of observation, analysis and identification of possible opportunities and threats, linked to the method of technological forecasting called Monitoring and Intelligence Systems. The purpose of TW-Index is to provide the user the capacity of monitoring and identifying whether certain terms which are used for defining a technology or research are currently been searched and used in the Internet. For this, we used as a basis the Google Trends. So, in this paper we present three contributions: (i) the concept of the TW-index, (ii) options for evaluating and getting a value for the TW-index applied in two different examples, and (iii) we measure and explain the means of TW-index when it is applied in two ideas for creating new business into the IdeaLAB program at University of Minho, Portugal.


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Moreno, E. D., Leon Olave, M. E. ., & Afonso, P. (2020). Prospecting the Impact of New Business based on Project Keywords. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(4), 125–133.