Nutritional Intervention in the Area of Clinical Nutrition in a Hospital Environment A Report of Field Experience

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Luis Henrique Almeida Castro
Diego Bezerra de Souza
Geanlucas Mendes Monteiro
Gildiney Penaves de Alencar
João Vitor Alves dos Santos
Lúcio Barbosa Neto
Raphael de Souza Cosmo
Thiago Teixeira Pereira
Wesley Sebastião da Silva Moraes
Cristiane Martins Viegas de Oliveira


The present experience report narrates a nutritional intervention in the area of individual and collective clinical nutrition that took place in a University Hospital (HU) in the interior of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil. The main objective of this field work was the professional training for hospital and outpatient nutritional care through general and specific activities performed on site. The specific activities consisted in writing care protocols and standardization of hospital diets while the general activities consisted in the analysis of medical records, survey of clinical diagnoses, proposal of dietotherapic conduct, monitoring of nutritional status, prescription and dietary adequacy, preparation of nutritional guidelines and development, presentation and discussion of clinical cases. This work also reports on the difficulties in implementing and carrying out this intervention agenda and, given the results obtained, it was concluded that the field experience in the hospital area was a valid and beneficial opportunity in which it was possible to harmonize theory with practice.


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Almeida Castro, L. H., Bezerra de Souza, D., Mendes Monteiro, G., Penaves de Alencar, G., Alves dos Santos, J. V., Barbosa Neto, L., de Souza Cosmo, R., Teixeira Pereira, T., da Silva Moraes, W. S., & Martins Viegas de Oliveira, C. (2020). Nutritional Intervention in the Area of Clinical Nutrition in a Hospital Environment: A Report of Field Experience. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(2), 167-172.


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