Food Science from the Perspective of the Nutrition Professional

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Luis Henrique Almeida Castro
Diego Bezerra de Souza
Geanlucas Mendes Monteiro
Gildiney Penaves de Alencar
João Vitor Alves dos Santos
Lúcio Barbosa Neto
Raphael de Souza Cosmo
Thiago Teixeira Pereira
Wesley Sebastião da Silva Moraes
Cristiane Martins Viegas de Oliveira


This work had as thematic the study in analysis of foods from the perspective of the nutrition professional. The objective of the research was to seek the training of this professional for the then analysis of the performance in quality control and formulation of products, with the perspective of assistance to projects carried out on site. This research was conducted in a community cafeteria located in a university in the interior of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil. As a data collection tool, preparation technical sheets were used in which costs were collected, the preparation order, and the nutritional value provided. Sensory observation was used as an analysis of the data in order to measure and analyze and interpret the reactions of food and material characteristics. It appears that with the identification, attributions and activities developed by a nutritionist in the area, it became possible to analyze the processing of raw material and industrialized food products, according to the needs presented by the site. As for the points not reached were not due to any other factors than those related to the specificities of the research site, which did not prevent the acquisition of theoretical, practical, scientific, social and environmental knowledge of the points concerning the area of action of the nutritionist professional within the field of food science.


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Almeida Castro, L. H., Bezerra de Souza, D., Mendes Monteiro, G., Penaves de Alencar, G., Alves dos Santos, J. V., Barbosa Neto, L., de Souza Cosmo, R., Teixeira Pereira, T., da Silva Moraes, W. S., & Viegas de Oliveira, C. M. (2020). Food Science from the Perspective of the Nutrition Professional. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(2), 160-166.


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