Eulerian Video Magnification for Cleaning and Inspection of Air Conditioning Ducts With Rover Robot


  • Filipe dos Santos Aureliano Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas – UNIS – Brasil
  • Alessandro Ferreira Alves Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas – UNIS – Brasil
  • Rodrigo Franklin Frogeri Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas - UNISMG
  • Wanderson Gomes de Souza Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas – UNIS – Brasil
  • Simone de Paula Teodoro Moreira Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas – UNIS – Brasil
  • Laísa Cristina Carvalho Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas – UNIS – Brasil



Rover, Inspection, Cleaning, Ducts, Flexibility, Eulerian Video Magnification


This paper presents a diversied artifice of a Rover robot prototype in order to inspect abnormalities in air conditioning ducts and ventilation through an integrated rotating high-resolution camera system Eulerian Video Magnification is a  method capable of revealing temporal  variations of a body in videos that are impossible to see with the naked eye. Using this method, it is possible to visualize the flow of microorganisms present in the ducts, in which the images are R.W. transmitted in real time to the operator, allowing the cleaning with rotating brushes that adapt themselves  according to the  pipeline geometry, linked to the rover making the removal of impurities which are found on the walls, as well as the application of fungicides and bactericides, and finally the mechanism structure allows the manipulation of small objects held by a claw, which ensures greater operating flexibility compared to existing systems on the market. Due to weather problems being the main responsible for the considerable rise in temperature around the world, this has led man to seek ways by which people have comfort in both residential and industrial context. The most widely used alternative to soften or even solve this problem indoors has been the use of air conditioning systems. Despite the many advantages that these systems provide, there is great concern with the quality of air being supplied to the user according to the procedures and requirements of NBR 15848: 2010.


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss3.2176

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Aureliano, F. dos S., Alves, A. F., Frogeri, R. F., Souza, W. G. de, Moreira, S. de P. T., & Carvalho, L. C. (2020). Eulerian Video Magnification for Cleaning and Inspection of Air Conditioning Ducts With Rover Robot. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8(3), 38–47.
Received 2020-01-20
Published 2020-03-01

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