Introduction of Basic Computer Programming Logic in Elementary and High Schools Using Logic Block

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Ronaldo Lopes Gomes
Ricardo Chamy do Nascimento
Caio Victor da Silva Viga
Bruno Pereira Gonçalves
Jean Mark Lobo de Oliveira
Rilmar Pereira Gomes
David Barbosa de Alencar


This document analyzes factors that make it difficult for computational programming logic to consolidate itself as a subject to be taught in schools and how to introduce it into the academic environment through a hypothetical curriculum based on studies and also including the logical block programming language, Scratch. Studies are conducted to create the basis of an experimental school grade. Said grade describes in detail the age groups it will reach and what knowledge will be taught to them. With a better understanding of programming and programming logic in mind, not only individuals who choose to work in the field will already have a larger knowledge base than today, but people who choose not to work in the field of computer technology will benefit of a more logical and cohesive line of reasoning.


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Lopes Gomes, R., Chamy do Nascimento, R., da Silva Viga, C. V., Pereira Gonçalves, B., Lobo de Oliveira, J. M., Pereira Gomes, R., & Barbosa de Alencar, D. (2019). Introduction of Basic Computer Programming Logic in Elementary and High Schools Using Logic Block. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 732–742.


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