Management System Design Using Smart-Grids in Manaus


  • Alessandro Figueiredo da Silva
  • Fabiana Rocha Pinto
  • David Barbosa de Alencar ITEGAM
  • Ricardo Silva Parente



Intelligent Electric Networks, Renewable energy, Energy Expansion


With the large increase in population among the capitals of the Brazilian states Manaus is a city with great energy potential being in the national interconnected system (SIN), reconciling the expansion of its generation capacity fits the scope provided for in the Ten Year Plan for Expansion of Electricity that The objective is for the energy sector planning, with benefits in terms of increased reliability, reduction of production costs and reduction of environmental impacts, already in the plan through distributed generation, which aims to fit micro generation of as a way to increase supply capacity the plan that provides targets for the country to comply with the COP24 Plan of Countries with the largest amount of clean energy to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the warming of the atmosphere caused by emission of pollutant gases such as the case of CO_2, thinking about how to improve the use of energy juice generated in its capital and partially supplied by the national system, this work has the purpose of collecting data pertinent to the consumption in order to create a possible projection of the increase and influence of renewable energies in Manaus City through the Smart Grid system as an insertion model the diversification of the capital's generation park.


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Figueiredo da Silva, A., Rocha Pinto, F., Barbosa de Alencar, D., & Silva Parente, R. (2019). Management System Design Using Smart-Grids in Manaus. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 680–686.

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