Implementation of a Solar Power System Using Frequency Converter for Water Collection Optimization in the Altamira Community of Japurá -Amazonas


  • Thiago Barbosa Fernandes
  • Emanoelle Marques da Silva
  • Marco Antonio dos Santos Biscaro
  • Fabiana Rocha Pinto
  • David Barbosa de Alencar ITEGAM
  • Manoel Henrique Reis Nascimento



Energy Efficiency, Water Capture, Photovoltaic


Solar panels are renewable sources of energy, which over the last two decades have been widely used for electricity generation, and Brazil is beginning to move towards the implementation of alternative renewable energy sources as its energy matrix, especially solar photovoltaic. The residential photovoltaic system provides local generation and consumption, helps reduce grid load, increases system reliability, reduces transmission and distribution losses, lowers energy costs and reduces environmental impact. This paper discusses the use of solar energy applied for pumping water with two proposals, most economically viable and able to serve a community with 123 inhabitants, who live in that difficult-to-light region. With this we will apply two proposals of a photovoltaic kit for water abstraction that presents the economical dimensioning of its implantation, proving to be a viable system for the riverside communities with difficult access to water.


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Barbosa Fernandes, T., Marques da Silva, E., dos Santos Biscaro, M. A., Rocha Pinto, F., Barbosa de Alencar, D., & Henrique Reis Nascimento, M. (2019). Implementation of a Solar Power System Using Frequency Converter for Water Collection Optimization in the Altamira Community of Japurá -Amazonas. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 301–312.

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