Strategic Planning Applied to Small Businesses: A Case Study in Maués - Amazonas


  • Paloma Paiva de Lima
  • David Barbosa de Alencar ITEGAM
  • Alexandra Priscilla Tregue Costa
  • Antônio Estanislau Sanches



strategic planning, small business, action plan, production engineering


This paper aims to present the application of strategic planning for small companies and the tools that help their development in the context of production engineering. Since strategic planning and tools such as SWOT analysis, GUT matrix, brainstorming and 5W2H are of great importance in the business environment, especially in the current economic situation, where companies need to have a differential to stay in a highly competitive market. competitive. This makes the use of methods and tools indispensable, as it is through them that the company can clearly and objectively gain insight into its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as develop an action plan to defined strategies ensuring greater productivity.


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Paiva de Lima, P., Barbosa de Alencar, D., Tregue Costa, A. P., & Estanislau Sanches, A. (2019). Strategic Planning Applied to Small Businesses: A Case Study in Maués - Amazonas. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 291–300.

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