The Importance of (ECI / EIA) applied to substations and the 500kv Transmission Line Manaus – Boa Vista and the Socio-Environmental Changes of the Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Lands

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Geilson Pires Ferreira
Giselane Campos Espadim
Fabiana Rocha Pinto
David Barbosa de Alencar
Gisele de Freitas Lopes


The purpose of this study was to present the importance of the Environmental Impact Study as a way to mitigate the ecological relations and social and environmental viability of the 500kV Manaus - Boa Vista Transmission Line (LT) Transmission Line and Associated Substations, which complied with the Annex Terms of Reference. III-B of Interministerial Ordinance No. 419, of October 26, 2011, as directed by FUNAI. Thus, the project contemplates the expansion of the Transmission System belonging to the basic network of the National Interconnected System - SIN, seeking to interconnect the capital of Boa Vista / RR to the SIN. Exploratory research through documentary and bibliographic survey was used to understand the land use in the stretch of BR-174, cutting the Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Lands. An analysis was made of the analysis based on social and environmental changes based on maps prepared by the ECI / EIA as a land use analysis, as well as the mitigation of possible impacts to be mitigated by a previous survey proposed by the Environmental Protection Laws. Non-indigenous land occupation policies arise from the need for economic and social growth. For the indigenous, this interference process alters the territorial history and the emotional bonds. Therefore, this forced contact with the non-Indian, generated a series of impacts on the life of the indigenous community, having changed the way of life the local vegetation, the occupation and use of the land, interfering in the ECI / EIA knowledge and understanding of this enterprise. . Thus, understanding these relationships becomes of paramount importance because it is not just a technological advance or the suppression of a local need, bringing transformative consequences to a nation of indigenous people.


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Pires Ferreira, G., Campos Espadim, G., Rocha Pinto, F., Barbosa de Alencar, D., & de Freitas Lopes, G. (2019). The Importance of (ECI / EIA) applied to substations and the 500kv Transmission Line Manaus – Boa Vista and the Socio-Environmental Changes of the Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Lands. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(11), 283–290.


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