Mobile Application for Gas Prices and Locations Inquiry in Manaus Amazonas


  • Bruno Pereira Gonçalves
  • Bruno Lopes Rios
  • Keneson Liniker Farias de Abreu
  • David Barbosa de Alencar ITEGAM
  • Jean Mark Lobo de Oliveira



Gas stations, Prototype, Mobile app


The original features the prototype of an application that allows drivers to locate and compare fuel prices in the city of Manaus. Regarding the applied methodology approaches, this research is quantitative, field, survey and applied. It uses data and statistics from national surveys with population indices. It also brings data from an online questionnaire to measure drivers' opinions and information about the context of Manaus in relation to the stations. After analysis, it is noted that the application that helps drivers is not only necessary in a city with more and more vehicles as well accepted by potential users.


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Pereira Gonçalves, B., Lopes Rios, B., Liniker Farias de Abreu, K., Barbosa de Alencar, D., & Lobo de Oliveira, J. M. (2019). Mobile Application for Gas Prices and Locations Inquiry in Manaus Amazonas. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(10), 989–1003.

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